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Karmstol / Frame chair

Christian Hvidt

A/S Søborg Møbelfabrik

Produkt information

** Materialer / Materials:**
Maghoni og polstret sæde
Made from solid mahogany with black lacquered base and upholstered seat.

The frame chair, with a low back which merges stepless into the arms, is based on the lightness and elegance which this special construction can give - a structural form which has been investigated by many different designers.

The aim was to bring out the special characteristics and qualities of the solid wood. Thus, the back of the chair is made exclusively from solid elements, bounded together with glue and thereafter shaped to its final form by machine and by hand so that the graining in the wood and its warmth of color come to life. The frame has been made as a simple, strong cross-construction with triangular legs slotted into the back section.

The seat, of polyurethane covered with fabric or leather, rests on a black lacquered base.

The chair has been made from Brazilian Araputanga mahogany, known for its slim, harmonious graining.

It is a versatile chair, which can be used for meetings and conferences, at a writing desk or as a dining chair.

Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling 1992